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  • Tina Gover

Who Am I?

I am a small town country girl with a love of nature and color. I can’t stand anything being drab and boring. I love to take the usual and make it unusual. The reason being, I believe stagnation is death. My small town is about 75 years behind the times, and I can see where growth is very important to the human race.

So as I go along my lives path I expect many changes. Not just in my own personal life of relationships with people, but to growing old gracefully with them. I expect my art style to change as well. Already 40 , I see where my likes have changed and my style of creating varies year to year.

Its all good! If you like or love my pieces…. I would appreciate it if you would purchase them!!! If you don’t like it, I accept your judgement on it and will allow you to walk away!

All art is an expression of the soul. Meant to inspire other souls to either create or to help them remember! If remembering, then begin to create from where you left off. Be as a child again and dare to dream! Don’t be afraid of what could go wrong, be excited about what could go right!

Purchasing a piece of art that speaks to you can help you change your focus to having a happier life. On an otherwise drab day, you can look at art and smile and take a deep breath and find renewed energy and zest for life. Dare to dream… what if?

That is what I hope to create with my art.

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